AH Beard Domino - Luxury - Summit 1100 - Queen Medium Mattress


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AH Beard Domino - Luxury - Summit 1100 - Queen Medium Mattress

Top: Eurotop
Quilt Layers
: Stretch Knit Fabric, Climalux Quilt, Climalux Latex.
Comfort Layers:  Memory Foam, Comfort Foam
Support System: Summit 1100, 5 Zone, Climalux Edge
Protection: Sensitive Choice, EvoFoam, Ultrashield, Oeoko-Tex Confidence in Textiles

Climalux is a collection of breathable comfort technologies selected for their superior pressure relief, comfort performance and enhanced airflow – that help to dissipate heat and provide you with the most comfortable sleeping environment year after year.

Comfort Foam provides body-conforming comfort and pressure relief to minimise tossing and turning.

Memory Foam conforms to your body shape to provide pressure relieving comfort.

Summit Support System combines two spring units into one, at the peak is a minicoil, loosely pocketed to enable it to move in all directions, underpinned by the high performance conforma coil that features five zones for enhanced support where you need it most, providing all over support and minimise partner disturbance.

Climalux Edge is perforated to provide enhanced airflow and a larger sleep surface.

Protection Sensitive Choice provides long term protection against dust mites, mould and bacteria, to ensure a healthier sleep environment. EvoFoam in  is made using Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF), the world’s most advanced foam making technology, which is free from CO2 and other harmful chemicals. Ultrashield is a non-invasive treatment that eliminates the growth of mould, mildew, fungus, bacteria, dust mites and dust mite allergens.

Australian Made & Owned. 10 Year Guarantee. Australian Institute of Sport Approved. Sensitive Choice Approved.  

How well you sleep tonight,
will determine how

you feel tomorrow.

Australian Institute of Sport

Trusted by elite athletes at the Australian Institute of Sport to deliver a winning edge. Domino mattresses feature cutting edge support technology and advance comfort components so you can recharge and wake up ready to perform at your peak.

Sensitive Choice Approved

A.H. Beard mattresses are the only ones approved by the National Asthma Council of Australia to carry the Sensitive Choice blue butterfly symbol. That’s because they provide long-term protection against dust mites and their allergens, mould and bacteria, so you can breathe and sleep easy.



AH Beard Domino - Luxury - Summit 1100 - Queen Medium Mattress

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Dimensions203 × 153 × 33 cm