Sealy Posturepedic Elevate Ultra Mattress

Sealy Posturepedic Elevate Ultra, with a Gel Memory Comfort Core and enhanced Unicased XT edge support. This is what innovation feels like. Available in Super King, King, Queen, Double, King Single, Long Single and Single.




Posturepedic base fabric colours are indicated in the featured image, in sequential order: black, dusk, storm, latte, charcoal, granite, linen. There is no choice of colour for adjustable bases.

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Sealy Posturepedic Elevate Ultra Symphony Mattress

Top: Euro Top
Quilt Layers
: SmarTex®, Natural Wool Fibre Blend. Convoluted Supersoft Quilt Layer (plush). Supersoft Quilt Layer & Sealy Quilt Layer (medium) Deep Cushioning Quilt Layer (firm).
Comfort Layers: ComfortCore®, Gel Memory, Sealy Foam, Supersoft Foam(medium,plush), Premium Foam (medium, plush), Convoluted Firm Foam (firm).
Support System: AlignSupport® Titanium Spring, UniCased XT® Edge Support

Smartex® is a dynamic fabric treatment applied to ticking after the weaving process. The treatment acts by increasing dispersion of moisture as temperature increases. This action assists the process of evaporation which in turn assists cooling, maintaining the sleep environment at the ideal temperature for the sleeper.

Wool Blend is soft and luxurious natural fibre blend, with excellent thermal properties, promoting breathability. [Wool Blend is an Elevate Ultra Feature]

ComfortCore® is located at the base of the comfort layers, across the centre third of the mattress, the Gel Memory ComfortCore® provides extra conformance in the important lumbar region of the lower back. The additional density in the centre third, also improves the durability of the comfort system. [Gel Memory is an Elevate Ultra Feature]

AlignSupport® Titanium Coil is Sealy’s latest innovation. These intuitive coils sense your weight and respond to maintain your body’s natural alignment. You’ll rest easy knowing each coil is working effortlessly throughout the night to keep you relaxed, allowing you to enjoy a more restorative sleep.

UniCased XT® is Sealy’s most advanced edge support system which is a combination of KeyGuard and a BasePlank. KeyGuard is the edge, which has keys that push right into the innerspring, ensuring even side support and great stability all round. A BasePlank is a unique channelled construction that encases the underside of the mattress. The two components are heat-welded together to encase the support system around all sides and bottom. Benefits include: strong and durable edge support; minimised partner disturbance; edge-to-edge comfort; no roll-off; extended comfort life. [XT is an Elevate Ultra Feature]


Beds Australia are giving away $250 vouchers to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Sealy Posturepedic.