Sealy Singles Minuet Mattress

45% Off Sealy Minuet. Available in Single (92cm x 190cm) or King Single (107cm x 203cm). Firm or Medium Comfort.



Sealy Singles Minuet Mattress

The Sealy Minuet is a firm  comfort mattress and features the PostureTech® spring support system with EdgeGuard Support. The comfort layers include a Sealy Comfort Layer and Premium Sealy Fibre Blend quilt layer. Fabrics are protected with Health Shield. All Sealy mattresses feature a 10 Year Warranty and are Australian Made.


Firm, Medium, Plush
  • -
  • Premium Wool Fibre Blend
  • Euro Top with Breathable Gusset
  • Health Shield
  • Cushioning Comfort Layer
  • Durabond Insulator
  • Posturepedic AlignSupport Spring
  • EdgeGuard
  • Firm, Medium or Plush Comfort
  • Height 23cm, 25cm, 26cm


Firm, Medium
  • -
  • Premium Sealy Fibre
  • Tight Top
  • Health Shield
  • Sealy Comfort Layer
  • Durabond Insulator
  • PostureTech Spring
  • EdgeGuard
  • Firm or Medium Comfort
  • Height 20cm, 23cm


Australian Made & Owned.
10 Year Guarantee.

Premium Wool Fibre Blend & Sealy Fibre

The Premium Wool Fibre Blend (in the Adagio) is a luxurios layer whit excellent thermal properties, promoting breathability. The Premium Fibre blend (in the Minuet) enhances comfort and conformance.

Health Shield

Health Shield is a fabric treatment to promote a longer life for your mattress, maintaining a hygienic sleep surface by protecting the mattress fabrics from bacteria and mold.

Comfort Layers

Comfort Layers provide pressure relief and foams that conform to the body. Cushioning Comfort Layer (Adagio), Sealy Comfort Layer (Minuet).

Durabond Insulator

A special layer between the CoreSupport inner spring and the comfort layers.

AlignSupport Spring System

The AlignSupport Posturepedic Spring System (in the Adagio) is strengthened with Titanium and designed with intuitive coils that sense your shape and respond to align your body in its nature posture for a deep rejuvenating sleep.

Posturetech Spring System

The PostureTech Spring System (in the Minuet) is Sealy’s engineered spring technology, that provides deep down support. Featuring six turns for additional conformance and is twice tempered for superior performance and durability


 EdgeGuard provides a full edge to edge sleep surface and and stable seating edge. 

Posturepedic Base

The Posturepedic Base (for the Adagio) is available in black, dusk, storm, latte, charcoal, granite, linen. Per the image.

Sealy Singles Minuet