AH Beard Centurion Hand Tufted Mattress

The AH Beard Centurion hand tufted range is the culmination of a century of craftsmanship and luxury.


Compliment your AH Beard Centurion with a bespoke velvet base in a royal deep navy, with matching headboard on request.

AH Beard Centurion Mattress

AH Beard Centurion Hand Tufted Mattress

Introducing the AH Beard Centurion, the culmination of over a century of craftsmanship combined with premium materials that work in harmony to create a luxurious and deeply restful sleep.


The Centurion is crafted by hand, through time-honoured, traditional tufting, expertly combining together each component in perfect balance. The tufting process ensures an even distribution of the comfort layers and compresses the layers to retain shape and level of firmness over time.


The Centurion is encased in a natural, breathable damask fabric with layers of luxurious cashmere fibre blends that promote breathability and airflow whilst naturally balancing humidity and temperature. Cashmere is naturally hypoallergenic and durable.


The Centurion features premium components that work in harmony, forming a complete comfort system. The natural talalay layer is buoyant yet durable and is both antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. The gel infused memory foam layer conforms to your body providing additional pressure relief. The micro comfort coil layers enhance airflow with a range of comfort (three micro layers in the plush, two in the medium and one in the firm).


The Centurion features individual variable response pocket springs that dynamically adjust to each individual’s needs, contouring to the needs of your body. As each pocket is individually encased, partner disturbance is minimised. As the Centurion is hand tufted, it prevents the support layers from shifting and thus maintains their original shape and effectiveness for many years to come.


The Centurion is hand tufted by dedicated artisans and is finished with a premium damask fabric. All models contain natural cashmere fibres.


The Centurion features layers of talalay and gel infused memory foam with additional layers of micro comfort coils for each comfort level.


The Centurion features variable response pocket springs that dynamically respond to individual needs whilst minimising partner disturbance.

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