SleepMaker Cocoon Cottesloe



SleepMaker Cocoon Cottesloe

The SleepMaker Cocoon Cottesloe is sleek tight top design that features the patented  Sensorzone® dual core support with Comfort Edge. The Cocoon Cottesloe has Luxury Wool Fibre that is highly breathable. Incorporating Kulkote with thermal management properties. The top layer contains a Climatex Quilt that is breathable and cooling with minimal wear. Ultra-Fresh protection with antimicrobials keeps your mattress fresh. All SleepMaker Cocoon mattresses feature a 10 Year Warranty and are Australian Made.

Cocoon Bellevue

  • Silk Fibre
  • Cloud Top
  • Kulkote
  • Climatex Quilt
  • Ultra Fresh
  • Memoryfoam+
  • Mini Pocket Coils
  • Sensorzone® 5
  • Comfort Edge
  • 34cm/36cm Depth
5 Zone

Cocoon Cottesloe

  • Wool Fibre
  • Tight Top
  • Kulkote
  • Climatex Quilt
  • Ultra Fresh
  • Memoryfoam
  • -
  • Sensorzone® 5
  • Comfort Edge
  • 30/32cm Depth
5 Zone

SleepMaker Cocoon

Australian Made & Owned.

10 Year Warranty.

Luxury Fibres

Silk in the Cocoon Bellevue helps to improve airflow and breathability.

Wool in the Cocoon Cottesloe is naturally dust-mite resistant and hypoallergenic, in addition to being incredibly breathable.


The patented Sensorzone® core is exclusive to the Cocoon range. The Sensorzone® core combines two premium support systems, springs and foam are unified into a single system providing dual active support whilst you sleep.

In the Sensorzone® core, each spring is individually hand placed and sits separately within the Dream Foam core and responds independently to movement – virtually removing partner disturbance. Sensor Zone core is the only support system where springs and foam are fully integrated. 

The integrated springs and foam core are arranged into separate zones to improve spinal support and evenly spread your weight to reduce pressure points.


KülKōte provides additional regulation of body temperature. It’s breathable, nontoxic, and environmentally friendly. It feels cool to the touch and keeps the temperature more consistent than regular fabric or foam. KulKote manages heat energy, it’s not a wicking material but a coating that manages temperature. It absorbs any excess heat energy, stores it, and then releases it back when the heat source (your body) is removed.

The technology used in KülKōte was originally developed for use in space where the extreme temperatures make the ability to regulate and manage temperature critical. SleepMaker has partnered with KülKōte, to infuse their Australian made foam with proprietary temperature reactive microcapsules. A unique water-based polymer is used in conjunction with temperature reactive microcapsules to create a breathable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly surface infusion that absorbs and releases heat energy at specific temperatures for a more consistent and comfortable sleep.

KülKōte works by changing state from liquid to solid within a microcapsule as heat is applied or removed. These changes in state are activated at specific temperatures to aid temperature regulation. Comprised of a unique water-based polymer and temperature reactive microcapsules, KülKōte helps assist with temperature regulation for a more consistent and comfortable sleep.


Introducing the next generation Memory:Foam+. Refined in its design, Memory Foam Plus features improved air flow and greater breathability, with rapidly increased response time to pressure, ensuring maximum comfort. This ability to sustain its original properties and react accordingly to changing ambient temperatures is what makes this foam different. MemoryFoam+ recovers much faster in different climates and varied sleeper weights. MemoryFoam+ is GECA (Good Environmentsl Choice Australia) certified. Available in the Cocoon Bellevue.

Mini Pocket Coils:

A new introduction to the Cocoon range. Now featuring Mini Pocket Coils are located above of the SensorZone system to provide further contouring and comfort. In combination, the two systems work together to maximise airflow within the mattress. Available in the Cocoon Bellevue.

Ultra Fresh

Ultra Fresh anti-microbial treatments inhibit bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi, keeping your mattress fresh, hygenic and odour free. Ultra-Fresh has had to pass the most stringent testing procedures for safety and efficacy to meet international regulatory guidelines.

SleepMaker Cocoon Craftmanship