Dreamwool Mattress

The Dreamwool Paradise is a pocketspring mattress and is available in a Super King, King, Queen, King Single and Long Single.

When it comes to something as good as this, we make one exception to our Australian Made policy, a unique offering from New Zealand.

Dreamwool Paradise Mattress

The Dreamwool Paradise mattress is made with the highest quality Merino wool, sourced directly from select South Island farms. Using only the finest all-natural fillings for optimum breathability and climate control. Dreamwool keeps you cooler and drier, helping you achieve a deeper sleep faster. Dreamwool is made in New Zealand and natural in all the right ways.

The Dreamwool pocket spring range comprises the Euphoria, Paradise, Heaven and Icon. The Dreamwool latex range comprises the Revolution, Evolution and Original.

Merino Wool

Edgar Henderson was originally a farmer, who experienced a bad back. Edgar remembered the old-fashioned black wool singlets worn by his shearers; how they acted as a natural insulator and adjusted to changes in temperature and humidity during the day. He realised these same principals applied to sleep. From there, the first woollen overlay was crafted. Today, Dreamwool continues the tradition of constructing mattresses that incorporate the incredible breathability and temperature regulating properties of Merino wool.

Hand Tufting

Hand Tufting is a traditional by which mattress layers are held together. This process anchors these layers by driving a long needle and tufting straps all the way through the bed. Layers are pulled together through the spring unit or latex layer and then bound on each side; then finished with decorative pom-pom or fleurette. 

The coil system or latex core is compressed with the comfort layers. Once tufting is secured, the mattress layers remain taught and stable.

Benefits of hand tufting include: a more uniform and consistent comfort feel; limits shifting or bunching of material; decreases body impressions and sagging over time; better overall support; extended durability and years to the life of your mattress; no adhesives means less chemical usage in your mattress; eliminates excess bounce.

Pocket Spring

Dreamwool’s sleek, European design looks a little different. That’s because it is. Second to none, mattresses are filled with the most generous layers of soft, temperature regulating Merino wool and 100% natural latex, offering unmatched breathability.

The enduring pocketsprings and microcoils are the unrivaled result of years of dedicated international research. 

Each model in the range is made in three different levels of support (soft, medium and firm) using different spring gauges to suit your unique preferences and body shape without ever compromising on the comfort layers.

The pocket spring range includes the Euphoria, Paradise, Heaven and Icon.


Dreamwool pioneered the combination of latex and wool and refined it into the ultimate in luxury.
Second to none, the 100% natural latex mattresses are filled with the most generous layers of soft, temperature regulating Merino wool, offering unmatched breathability.

Each model is available in three different levels of support (soft, medium or firm density). The sustainable, industry-leading, 100% natural latex infused with activated charcoal offers unrivalled comfort and conformity, with the added benefits of being cooler, fresher and cleaner than traditional latex. Setting the industry standard with the volume and quality of our Merino wool, Dreamwool mattresses breathe, wicking away heat and humidity and creating the optimum sleeping climate for the best quality of sleep.

The latex range includes the Revolution, Evolution and Original.

Flexible Foundation

Complete your total sleep experience with
a dynamic flexible slat base.

The sleek, European style flexible slat base provides optimum comfort and support by diffusing pressure and actively contouring
to your body’s unique profile, providing
maximum ventilation for total breathability and a cooler, drier sleep.

The flexible slat foundation is highly recommended for all latex style mattresses (Revolution, Evolution and Original). 

The flexible slat foundation may also be used on the pocket spring style mattresses (Euphoria, Paradise, Heaven and Icon).

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